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Rick Banwarie

As a consultant he helped people and organizations with  energy savings solutions . Rick is more than 9 years active in the renewable energy sector. In Aruba, Rick was a consultant for Dynaf and the government. Rick helped more than 80 company’s and families harvesting energy from the sun.

John Eloy Arends

Born and lived all of his life on the island. John Eloy enjoyed a career in banking, sales and financing and has always promoted a sustainable lifestyle. Our passion goes further: we have a solution for the Aruba community, and we are committed to give back.  John Eloy is our Financing Principal.  

Vincent B Solognier

 Groomed as a strategic leader in several international corporate companies. Have been instrumental in company transformation projects and nurtures coaching and development of others in reaching their highest potential.

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B- Energy is  Aruba’s leading  renewable energy solution provider. 

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B-Energy provides the highest possible quality sustainable products, with the highest safety standards for the islands Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao. Be part of  the “sustainable” revolution.  


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If you believe in the future, you believe in a sustainable way in generating and consuming energy. Do you want to invest in a bright sustainable future? Then lets make an appointment how you can contribute. Win Win Win approach in how we do business, how we treat or suppliers and employees. The energy will flow, also to you. Call us or send us a message.

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