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Water is one of the consumed sources of all living. She is subject to contamination to the greatest extent. In Aruba we are used to Septic tank systems that are not environmental friendly, it actually costs more to pump it out, its smells horrible and the water goes to waste. Its time to make use of our stand-alone sewage system that is a great solution to the problem of wastewater treatment. Large investment? NO….it may be even a smaller amount than digging a hole…building a concrete Pos and then having a monthly chica Pos agreement. Don’t have the investment amount available? Call us and lets install at zero down payment and pay in installments afterwards. START saving water NOW  Stocks from our houses, and directly from toilets, kitchens, washing machines can be brought to the form of clean water that we return to nature.

Top reasons to install this waste water treatment plant instead of a conventional POS: (cesspool)

Small area needed for installation

Clean water directly at source of pollution

Low operating costs of wastewater treatment unit (less than a bulb)

Operation up to 8 times cheaper compared to the cesspool

High quality purified water (apx. 99.7%)

Reuse of purified water (for flushing, irrigation, washing cars)

Easy credit plan available with 0% down payment

Quiet, odorless, durable and long-life use

The plant tested and certified in Germany (PIA Aachen)

Meets the prescribed EN 12566-3 standard

Quality warranty and after-sales service (1 year free service)

Approx. 70,000 installations in more than 50 countries around the world

Save more than 50% of water bill

Purified waste water can be discharged into surface or underground water, recycle it by using for irrigation of lawns and ornamental greenery or use it for technical purposes after filtration. No bad smell of wastewater treatment plant

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